An eventful moment

Posted on Oct 9, 2015 in Blog

These last couple of months have been very eventful for me on a personal and professional level. I never thought things could change so dramatically in the such a short span of time.

The first thing was the decision to move house. It happened completely out of the blue, one day I’m here the next I’m buying a house. Something unplanned, unexpected and welcomed. Almost a spur of the moment decision. This means busy months ahead, sorting, packing, discarding and so on. I’m not entirely looking forward to that part. What I was looking forward to is what came next.

The proposal to work with and assist Chef Riccardo Magni from Italy. An honour, based on his professionalism, high level of skill and masterclass in the art of pastry and decorating. Two days of intense work and long hours spent preparing, weighing and sorting ingredients. Working hand in hand with a person of such calibre is a great way to learn new techniques and improve old ones. Watching him work is a wonder in itself. I must admit I was in awe at the efficiency, agility and skill. Skill is something one gains through time and with practice. Organisation is also a very important factor in this job.

When baking, it is important to have the ingredients ready and weighed before starting. The pans greased and lined and the oven warm, if using. If everything is organised then half the work is done. All in all I am grateful to have had this opportunity, to have been entrusted with this job. It doesn’t happen everyday and I seized the moment.

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