Welcome to Dolci & Delizie, a website dedicated to homemade cakes and desserts and all the sweet things in life. I’m Stefania, I come from an Italian family with a vast background in cooking and baking. My origins have taught me a lot about food. I learnt how to appreciate, understand and enjoy it. To me it’s not just about eating. It’s about taste, flavour and texture. It’s about seasonal and fresh ingredients. Every cake and dessert has its own individual flavour and it has to be enhanced to give the utmost pleasure and enjoyment while eating it. All the cakes you see on this site are prepared by me with careful attention to detail and fresh ingredients.

Having been exposed to food preparation all my life, it was only natural for me that I would follow in the same footsteps, preferring pastry due to my unconditional love for chocolate. This has led me to study the art of chocolate making with Maitre Chocolatier Philip Vancayseele at the Institute of Tourism Studies. After, a course in Baking & Pastry ensued where I furthered my knowledge on the subject. A few years later I was introduced to Maestro Riccardo Magni and had the pleasure to work with him. It was a huge learning tool and led me on to do a course in Brescia, Italy at Cast Alimenti Scuola di Cucina e Pasticceria.  The training and courses continue, as I feel it is important to keep current with what is happening in the pastry world and to never stop learning.

I am very passionate about the preparation of cakes and desserts and I do it wholeheartedly. This is how Dolci & Delizie came to be. I put together what I love doing most to transform it into something everyone can sample.

My main aim here is to keep a high standard and high quality for my cakes and desserts. I use the best ingredients available and never cut corners. This is what makes everything unique.

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