Chocolate Delicacies


What you will find here is a chocolate heaven. A love affair with chocolate that will last forever. Lovely, rich, dark, decadent cakes and desserts that will make all chocoholics feel they’ve found their paradise.

Nutella & Chocolate Tart €15 – Dark, decadent, divine. Set in a sweet, melt-in-the-mouth pastry case is a layer of Nutella, covered with a smooth, velvety chocolate ganache topped with hazelnuts. Serves 8  Order>

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake €28 – Three layers of chocolate heaven. The bottom layer is composed of a flourless chocolate cake, with a rich, tender crumb. Followed by a silky, smooth dark chocolate mousse layered over a white chocolate mousse. All three layers together make a beautiful, elegantly decorated dessert. Serves 12. Order>

Chocolate & Hazelnut Torte €20 – Luscious, beautiful, extravagant chocolate cake, speckled with hazelnuts and tinged with a hint of Grand Marnier. This moist, fudgy torte is coated with a layer of dark chocolate to further enhance its exquisitness. Serves 10. Order>

Chocolate Brownie & Caramel Pralines €18 – Handmade chocolate pralines, using fine Italian chocolate. These are filled with freshly prepared caramel ganache and brownie pieces. Great as petits fours during tea time or after dinner even as dessert as they are medium sized. Yield 12 Available between October & March Order


Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting €22 – Two lovely, crumbly , fragrant cakes held together with a delicious, thick layer of chocolate frosting in the centre and coated with more of the same luscious cream. Serves 8 to 10. Order>

Nutella Cheesecake €20 – Nutella in cheesecake form is even better than Nutella eaten out of the jar. It’s fresher and lighter. A great dessert to eat in the summer and enjoy a full bodied Nutella flavour. The hazelnut crumble adds an additional crunch to further enhance the cake. Serves 8-10 Order>

Chocolate Pistachio Loaf €15 – Two of my favourite flavours. Chocolate meets pistachio and the result is this delicious loaf cake. Add some cherries in the middle and crytalized pistachios on top and there’s a perfect match with a cup of tea or coffee at any time. Serves 10. Order >

Stefania’s Signature Chocolate Cookies €15 – These are totally chocolate, chocolate cookies. They are made with three types of chocolate. Their flavour is rich and you can feel the chocolate chips under your teeth as you bite into them and savour them. My friend described these as “the mother of all chocolate cookies”. One batch makes 15 good sized cookies and they keep for up to 5 days in an airtight container. Order >


Chocolate Cheesecake €22 – A wonderfully smooth, rich, velvety, chocolate flavour. Intense but not overpowering. This cheesecake is luscious. It is baked for that extra creamy richness which makes it exceptionally delicious and will delight the palate of chocolate lovers and not. Serves 10 to 12 Order >


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