Fall (Apple & Spice) €42 – Three wonderfully fragrant, thick apple cakes that are rich in texture & distinct in flavour. Apple pieces & spices are the main components here. The cakes are sandwiched with layers of Swiss meringue dulce de leche frosting inside, which enhances the cake further, while the outside is covered in a Swiss meringue vanilla frosting. The cake is then drizzled with apple cider sauce and decorated with chocolate “leaves” for an autumn effect. A labour of love. Serves 12. Order>


Vanilla & White Chocolate Cake €30 – Exquisite vanilla cake meets light, fluffy & heavenly white chocolate frosting. A harmonious duo rolled into one delicious cake with a moist texture and resounding vanilla flavour. Serves 12. Order>


Purple Rain €25 – An outstanding dessert. Wonderful, light & airy white chocolate & forest fruit mousse, lying over an almond shortbread biscuit. The beautiful, shiny glaze further enhances the dessert with a perfect finish. Serves 10. Order>


Profiteroles €25 – Delicious little choux buns filled with Mascarpone mousse laced with dark rum. They are then topped with a vanilla flavoured chantilly cream. A slight twist on the classic. These profiteroles are a sensational individual dessert. Yields 20 profiteroles or as required. Order>

Vanilla Sky €35 – Elegant on the outside, delightful on the inside. Vanilla Sky is a dreamy vanilla dessert prepared with Tahitian vanilla bean. The light and creamy vanilla bavaroise hides inside it layers of moist almond cake with slivered almonds for that added crunch. A caramel ganache in between the layers of cake elevates the flavours further. The white glaze coat enhances its beauty rendering it exceptional to the eyes and the palate. Serves 8 to 10. Order>

Envy €32 – A decadent pistacchio based dessert. Silky pistacchio mousse surrounds an insert of raspberry gelee. Two flavours that work brilliantly together creating great taste. This pretty little dessert is set on a crunchy pistacchio crumble that adds further texture and enhances presentation. Yields 8 individual portions. Order>

From Paris, with love €28 – The name encapsulates the three elements of this beautiful dessert. Caramel Parfait, Gianduia Cremaux & Hazelnut Dacquoise. A tasty combination of  smooth and nutty flavours that go so well together. Elegant & delicious. Serves 8-10 Order>

Tiramisu €30 – Tradition with a modern twist. The classic Tiramisu has been given a new look. Delicious mascarpone cream and coffee soaked cake with a creamy choco-coffee centre enclosed in a log shaped coffee bean print. Serves 10-12 Order>

Bora Bora Sunset €25 – This flavour combination is reminiscent of a tropical sunset, on a white sandy beach, cocktail in hand. A fresh mango & passionfruit cream, surrounded by light coconut mousse, lying over a coconut dacquoise for some extra crunch. Great for summer. Serves 12 Order>

Cleopatra’s Secret €18 – A modern dessert. Hidden inside this chocolate pyramid shell is a layer of dulce de leche, strawberry jam and a thick filling of vanilla Chantilly. The gold leaf  adds a touch of sophistication. Yields 6 individual portions. Order>

Strawberry Cheesecake (in season only) €25 – A silky, smooth, baked cheesecake filled with strawberries  inside. A rich, creamy and fresh texture that creates a wonderful ending  to any meal. Serves 8 to 10 Order>

Meringue Nests €18 – An individual, delicious and light dessert. Meringues are filled with crème patissiere and topped with seasonal fruit. Makes 15 meringues. Order>

Lemon Curd Cake €30 – Three layers of lemon soaked sponge with a fresh lemon curd filling. All wrapped in a lemon scented frosting and decorated with vanilla buttercream rosettes. Fresh and tangy. Lovely for a special occasion. Serves 12 Order>


Vanilla Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting €25 – Three layers of tender, moist vanilla cake, and a thick coating of exceptionally luscious salted caramel frosting in between each layer. A fantastic tasting cake, exquisite and enticing for any occasion. Serves 12 Order>

Caramel Nut Tart €18 – Roasted mixed nuts encased in sweet pastry and coated with a rich caramel sauce. A sweet and crunchy treat. Serves 8 Order>

Apricot & White Chocolate Cheesecake €22 – Delicately rich, creamy and smooth. This cheesecake is sinful! Apricots marry well into the velvety texture of the white chocolate cream rendering it luscious and enriching it. A marvelous dessert. Serves 8 to 10. Order>

Bubble Eclairs €15 – A twist on tradional eclairs. These three “bubbles” are stuck together to form one eclair and filled with a flavoursome zabaione cream then coated lightly with jam for that extra shine, while the sprinkles add flair and crunch. Makes 12 Order>

Cassata Siciliana €20 – Layers of freshly baked sponge filled with sweetened ricotta, chocolate chips and candied peel encapsulated in marzipan and fondant icing. This is a traditional, popular Sicilian dessert. Serves 8. (Requires a 2 day order notice) Order>

Chocolate Walnut Profiterole Tart €26 – A long name for a complex, sophisticated, elegant dessert. The sweet pastry case encloses a silky chocolate crème patisserie, which in turn hides caramelized walnuts for an added crunch. The whole dessert is finished off with chocolate filled profiteroles dipped in a smooth chocolate ganache. Serves 8 to 10. Order> 

 Red Velvet Cake €25 – This is stunning. Three layers of intense red sponge that is light, velvety and melt in the mouth. The layers are held together with a smooth, silky vanilla cream cheese frosting. A wonderful dessert. Serves 12. Order>

Limoncello & White Chocolate Cheesecake €22 – A superb combination of two flavours that work so well together creating a fantastic dessert. The contrast of the Limoncello against the sweetness of the white chocolate is dreamy. Order>

Strawberry Tart with Vanilla Pastry Cream €18 – This delicious tart is a must at this time of year with the abundance of strawberries. Luscious vanilla pastry cream set in a fresh, crumbly tart case and topped with sweet, fresh strawberries. Serves 8. Order>

Lemon Meringue €15 – A perfect after dinner treat. This dessert is light and fresh with a wonderful tartness in the freshly cooked lemon curd that contrasts with the delicate sweetness of the Swiss meringue. Exquisite. Serves 8. Order>

Gateau Marie €25 – Alternating layers of biscuits soaked in coffee and brandy covered with a rich chocolate butter cream. This indulging dessert is then decorated with a cover of whipped cream, hazelnuts and grated chocolate. Serves 12 – 15. Order>

Date & Walnut Bites €12 – Little bite size nuggets of rum soaked dates and walnuts, coated in icing sugar. Makes 24 pieces. Order>


Carrot Cake €28 – Three layers of crumbly, tender cake, held together with a cream cheese & orange frosting. The cake is then covered in a vanilla orange frosting. The chocolate decoration adds a flair of colour and brightness to the cake. Serves 12. Order>

Lemon Tart €15 – An elegant, tangy, sublime citrus tart. The fresh, crumbly pastry encases a thin layer of chocolate which is in harmony with the creamy lemon custard that covers it giving it a bittersweet flavour to delight the palate. Serves 8 to 10. Order>

Baileys Cheesecake €22 – A soft, smooth, creamy, delicate cheesecake. Laced with Baileys to the right point where it is not overpowering but pleasantly enriching. A very delectable dessert where the flavours blend marvelously. Serves 8 to 10. Order>

Banana Caramel Tart €15 – Some really enticing flavours all in one dessert. A layer of ripe bananas encased in a beautiful, crumbly pastry, coated with delicious caramel sauce and topped with rum scented, vanilla cream. Truly fantastic. Serves 8 to 10. Order>

Semifreddo all’Amaretto €15 – A dreamy dessert. Creamy, velvety, speckled with crushed Amaretti biscuits on the inside and topped with a layer of the same.  A very distinctive after dinner treat. Serves 8 to 10.  Order>

Savarin au Rum €25 – A stunning dessert! The Savarin is similar to its more popular counterpart the Baba’. Here the centre is filled with luscious chocolate whipped cream to serve it with. The cake itself is soaked in rum syrup, whose flavour is piqued by orange zest and cinnamon sticks. Serves 10 to 12. Order>

Apple & Pear Crumble Tart €18 – Apples & pears compose this very seasonal tart. Gently cooked spice-scented fruit encased in sweet pastry and topped with a hazelnut crumble. Delicious accompanied with custard or cream. Serves 8 to 10. Order>


Lemon Cheesecake €24 – It’s a mild & creamy dessert with just the right tartness. The citrus flavour shines through without a hint of bitterness. The lemon jelly topping adds flair & texture to the dessert.  Serves 8 to 10. Order >

Dulce de Leche Brownies €12 – The ultimate decadence. A marvelous combination of homemade toffee drizzled into a rich chocolate mixture then baked until just moist enough to melt in the mouth when eaten. Cuts into 16 squares. Order>

Apple Cake €16 – Chunks of fresh apples and hazelnuts make up this cinnamon-tinged sweet cake. It is moist, wholesome and delicious. Ideal as a teatime treat or served with some icecream. Serves 10. Order>

Muffins €12 – A wonderful treat ideal for any occasion. These muffins are filled with chocolate or jam. They are then covered with vanilla buttercream. One batch makes 12 muffins. Order >




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