The Igloo €22 – Pretty little igloos of silky chocolate bavarois with a raspberry sorbet centre. The sweetness of the chocolate versus the tartness of the raspberries. Serves 6 individually Order> (requires a 3 day order notice)

The Glamorous Reindeer €50 – Four layers of cake, 2 different flavours namely chocolate and gingerbread layered with a wonderfully luscious coffee flavoured French buttercream. The outside is frosted with a silky vanilla flavour Swiss meringue buttercream. The decoration is reminiscent of a reindeer at Christmas with lots of sparkle and sprinkles to add glamour and shine to this festive decadence. Serves 12 to 15. Order> 

Festive Cranberry White Cake €22 – A white cake layered with orange & vanilla frosting and a sweet cranberry compote then topped with more compote and whole cranberries to give a festive jewelled appearance. Serves 10 Order>


The one with Chestnuts €35 – Sweet pastry case holding 4 components to create a dessert with a difference. The base begins with a hazelnut ganache above which a chocolate biscuit soaked in rum & vanilla syrup is placed. This is topped with a marvelous chestnut semifreddo, the key component of the whole dessert. Hazelnut crumble then surrounds the entire dessert. Excellent elements for wonderful flavours and textures. Serves 10. Order

Reindeer Muffins €24 – Pretty chocolate muffins with vanilla frosting and edible reindeer decorations. Yields 12 muffins per batch. Order

Coffee Almond Fusion €25 – Coffee meets almonds and this light, airy dessert is born. The shape is reminiscent of a mini Pandoro, however hidden inside the delicious coffee-scented mascarpone semifreddo, is a fragrant almond cake topped with slivered almonds and coffee jelly. Beautiful textures for a unique dessert. Yields 6. Order>

Caramel Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake €20 – Three flavours that blend very well together to create this delicious baked cheesecake with a rich velvet like texture finished off with a layer of caramel and a good sprinkling of hazelnuts for some extra crunch. Serves 8 -10 Order>

Mince Pies €8/12 – These delicious seasonal treats are made with a rich pastry  that will crumble and melt in the mouth. Filled with traditional mince meat and dusted with icing sugar. One batch yields one dozen. Order>



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